Thursday, January 10, 2013


For the past years, I've been moving around from one place to another. So many times I was amused of literally living on my back pack, it being my mobile closet and my "office". I was amazed one time of having to hop into a habal-habal, jeepney, tryke, bus, taxi, airplane and pedicab all in the same day. I was amazed with the thought that with my movements, one will be having a hard time catching in attempt to follow me.

And things change. Now after a bout of being physically compromised, I have to take things slow. I have to let go some of the things I love to do and learn to value the essence of a more restful sedentary life. From a life of fast and carefree leaps, to a more careful and responsible steps for a shared future.

I am missing the simple life in the communities and the thought of having to eventually part scares me but I have to face something far more important to me. And I believe that wouldn't make me selfish but actually, I can be, if I have to. After all, its only with such reason that one can be selfish about. :)

A blessed 2013 ahead!