Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sumilao IP Farmer's March for Justice

Get involved!

Ten years after the farmers of Sumilao were granted their right to own their land, they STILL HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN JUSTICE. They've chosen to do something about it:
They are marching from Sumilao (that's in Bukidnon) all the way to Manila to protest the lack of action from the government in restoring what is rightfully theirs. And by marching, I literally mean walking.

The farmers need P10, 000 per day for their nearly three-month journey. I just decided today to be committed to what I believe in, and I believe in every human being having what is rightfully theirs. Help me take a stand to bring justice to the farmers of Sumilao.

How can you help? You can sign the on-line petition from
The goal is to get at least 1 Million signatures.

You can also donate to PAKISAMA, the NGO that's helping the farmers. Visit and email them to ask for the bank account for the Sumilao farmers.

Patunayan natin sa lahat na kaya natin 'to. Patunayan natin sa lahat na merong tunay na hustisya sa Pilipinas. :)

It all starts with you.

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Be not afraid. Be the difference. Volunteer.

The poster reads:

She could have been abroad.

But Rosa Fe M. Hipolito, a registered nurse, is a Jesuit Volunteer in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. She assures a young T'boli student " be not afraid" in a physical examination.

For over 27 years, the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines sends volunteers college graduates and young professionals to work for and with the poor and marginalized.

Jesuit Volunteers are sent as rural teachers, alternative educators, community and youth organizers.

Be not afraid. Be the difference. Volunteer.

For more details on how to volunteer, visit
For inquiries, email

(salamat kay nikki na gumawa ng ad na ito...)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jesuit Volunteers Philippines: Recruitment Talk in CDO

For single graduating students andprofessionals not more than 35 yearsold, you are all invited to join the JVP Recruitment Talk on October 6,2007 from 2-4 p.m. at XU Board Room,Old Library Building, Xavier University , Corrales Avenue, Cagayande Oro City.

For more information you may visit the JVP website at www.jvpfi.or g or contact Kris(09194402573, m)of theJVP Cagayan de Oro Local Community.

Benefit Concert for the Education of Indigenous Children

For those in the Metro Manila Area:
Below is an announcement for the upcoming concert "Mia Razon" of the Sta. Teresita of Miarayon and the Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan featuring Bukas Palad Singers and Hangad Singers and guest singer, Noel Cabangon.

The concert will be held on October 13, 2007, 6:30 pm at the Cardinal Sin Center, Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila campus, Quezon City and will be for the benefit of the children of the Talaandig Tribe in Miarayon, Bukidnon. Miarayon is a parish under the Jesuits. Fr. Dario Saniel, S.J. is the present parish priest and director of the St. Therese High School of Miarayon.

Out of our desire to be of help to the poorest of the poor, the children and people of Miarayon, Talakag,
Bukidnon we haveformed Sta. Teresita of Miarayon, Inc. (STM), a non-government organization which aims to enrich the lives of the Miarayon community through Education and Livelihood programs.

We are composed of individuals who have found our reason(mi razon – my reason – mia rayon), and our being in this mystical cultural community.

Drawn to the joyful and simple living of Miarayon folks, weare simply moved to "give back".

Inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux, Patron Saint of Miarayon, we are one with the community in the mission of fighting poverty and upholding the Lumad's basic rights to education and development while preserving their cultural identity. STM's goal is to help develop projects that will improve the lives of the people belonging to the Tala-andig tribe in Miarayon, Talakag,Bukidnon.

We invite you to join us in our advocacy! Help us in this worthwhile effort for the benefit of the indigenous children.

For ticket inquiries and other details, please contact RC BATAC at 426-6101 local 3440/ 3441.

Madakel ha Salamat ta Inyu Alan! (Thank you very much to all of you!)

Uphold the Indigenous Peoples Rights!

The Talaandig Tribe of Sungco celebrates anually the Talaandig Day. Stories would tell that on October 14, 1975, the Government, through Marcos granted amnesty to several Talaandig Tribal leaders who joined the Lumad Uprising in Bukidnon protesting military abuses and land grabbing during those times.

Nowadays, the IPs of Bukidnon is still experiencing the same fate yet for generations, they still maintained the same resolve: Defending their culture and domain at all cost. We urge everyone to join us in our advocacy of upholding the indigenous people's rights!

As we also celebrate the Indigenous Peoples Month this October, may we also re-affirm our commitment to value the the rights of our Lumad brothers and sisters by respecting their culture and joining them in their effort to determine a future for their generation that is free, equal and just.