Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Tale of a Butterfly

As the 2016 Election comes near, it is expected that Political Butterflies will be flying with its colorful wings.
Remember, that before butterflies transformed to what they are now, they were once caterpillars which gnawed and devoured green and healthy leaves, like pests having a party in a vibrant tree.
A butterfly may cover their once opportunistic attitude and flaunt their colorful wings to blind everyone in the garden, jumping from one flower to another, friendly and joyfully sipping sweet nectars, like sharing a cup of coffee or tea to some like the flies and the bees.
Gently flapping its wings gracepoely and entice every creature that its presence in the garden made the surroundings more ideal and happy. To deceive others, the beautiful butterfly covers its flaws by denouncing its old self and makes foe with the tree that was its shelter as ugly and its leaves unpleasant and unhealthy.
So the butterfly which lived in the tree, leaves with an angry heart, throwing foul odors and malicious scents at the source where it once fed and lived.
And so the gentle butterfly has metamorphosize to what is now a furious BITTERFLY.