Wednesday, February 13, 2008

National Insecurity

Here is a news posted ay YAHOONews.

I am particularly hooked on the last paragraph and I believe that is really the reason behind this news. A simple propaganda doing mind-conditioning not only locally but even in the global arena. Playing it as if GMA is going to be the next Benazir Bhutto, or the East Timor President who were both recently attacked by assassins. And that gives GMA a wider and larger political value.

GMA's strategist-magicians are in the game again. It has been always like this. Whenever there is an incoming mobilization or rallies, the administration never failed to counter it by throwing whatever propaganda they could think and painting a blame to militants and terrorists. It is the same old tunes they are playing. And they are very effective on that. Call it a noble way to preserve national security. So can we conclude that the kidnapping of Lozada last week was part of the game and done all in the name of assuring national security?

Actually, a Martial Law has been already implemented without them even declaring it and worst, some of us not even minding it. Because GMA's administration knew for a fact that it is only without declaring Martial Law that GMA will survive until 2010. They already learned from the past. Why declare it when they can implement it anyway subtly.

In the headlines today, the LGU leaders publicly shown their statement of support for GMA. As early as last night, high alert was imposed and strict checkpoints were established along entry points going inside the Greater Manila Area.

Why are they so paranoid? Are they really thinking that the idea of throwing her out is a possibility?

Or maybe they are afraid because they knew that probably there were truth in the irregularities that Lozada has been testifying against some government personalities and even implicating the First Gentleman. Now they are on the panic mood because they know that the truth can move mountains.

If thats what they are really thinking, then they should also prepare a private chopper aprked in Malacanang which would bring the First Family to Clark then take a chartered plane going to Hawaii and enjoy the beautiful white beaches without the inconvenience of the protesting masses!

However, as I see it, the palace should not be afraid on these mass mobilizations. They should be confident enough that those who calls for GMA's resignation or ouster will not be successful. They should get rid of those paranoia which often leads them to overkill counter-measures which makes them more unpopular to the people.

Anyway, the Filipino people dont care much this days. We are already numb, apathetic and getting dumber as ever. We've staged several people power already and in a way it has lost popularity nowadays. Why join rallies when we can simply sit back and wait until the time when we get our VISA so we can immediately go abroad and live away from this national mess.

Nevermind about the Church's call for GMA's resignation. Anyway, there are no charismatic personalities anymore like Cardinal Sin who can command or influence people and draw a strong crowd.

Nevermind the text power of the youth. For sure they will be very busy texting their sweet and juicy Valentine greetings to their friends and love ones today. They will be out of credit few moments from now and they wouldnt want to spare a peso for another worthless text brigade. In fact most of them are still high on their lovapalooza moments last night.

Nevermind the leftist groups, most of the people dont trust them anyway. Having a left-led revolution is very unpopular now and seen to have a very little chance of success.

Ow! how about the right-ists? Its not a thing to worry. Anyway, the adminsitration has the assured loyalty of the generals, as they should always be. Most of their retired seniors are now even very busy in their given government positions. AndTrillanes? He has been also given a seat but in Bilibid though due to a stubborn and miscalculated action in the past. And he will be staying there until the 2010 elections.

And the Civil Society? They are not anymore a united number to pose a strong force. Actually, they have been acting civilly among each other these days as they campaign each block's agenda independently.

And the Media? Don't worry because they are busy spending their energies in their respective channel wars. They are preoccupied outdoing each other to prove in Court about some anomalies in the rating scheme. How can we trust the bearer and protector of truth when they themselves are in squabble in trying to outdo each other's untruth? They have no enough airtime anymore to cover those mass movements and mobilizations. As long as they are busy protecting and declaring their pride as members of their respective mother station, they wouldn't find a time to uncover the truth when they are preoccupied of covering one.

Ow! You are asking about the Opposition? Thanks for reminding as I have already sent them to oblivion. You know, most of them are already busy preparing for the 2010 elections and the wannabies are still negotiating themselves in to be the standard bearer. Actually they are still confused as to what standard they are to bear. Will it be Erap's or JDV's or Lacson's or Villar's or Roxas'. See! They are in confusion as to how they should position to achieve more political gains.

So see, there is nothing to worry about. Relax. Take a deep breath. All things are in place, everything is under control. Why worry? A strong republic doesn't need a paranoid leadership.

And if by time and through divine providence I'm proven wrong in all of these and in the coming days being labeled as an amatuer political animal with misplaced and inaccurate judgement, then, I would humbly bow down and take the shame. Then after a moment, sporting a malicious grin and with great pride I would say: "Tssk..tssk...I was wrong! Thanks be to God!"


rod said...

I like your blog about the Sumilao Farmers. Though the 50 hectares given to them, I think, is not yet enough, they should still continue to air their grievances because it is not only the Sumilao experiencing the same thing.

I would like to congratulate Gali Talabuntud, blog owner because of the 50 hectares given to the farmers.

I am also one of those who do not favor agricultural land to be converted to some industrial facility in which only few benefits. The government should really act a law now to preserve this agricultural lands not only for the Sumilao farmers but to all Filipino farmers.

I have my Who Will to support my claim.

Thanks for giving me the chance to post on your blog. More power!!!

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