Friday, September 23, 2011

Why Dimas Pundato as OIC for ARMM?

Why Dimas Pundato as OIC for ARMM?

The fruit of democracy that we have now is a product of self-less dedication of freedom-loving people who have dedicated their lives to fight against the evil of Martial Law, human rights violation, and corruption.

The public should know that the Ninoy and Cory Aquino and Dimas and Naima Pundato were pillars of peace and democracy. They have united to fight for freedom and the ills of governance during Martial Law. Before the homecoming of Ninoy, the MNLF-RG, headed by Dimas Pundato met with Ninoy Aguino in Malaysia where Dimas Pundato presented MNLF-RG’s commitment to support Ninoy in the struggle of re-instituting democracy in the country. The enemy of democracy may have succeeded in assassinating Ninoy, but not the spirit of freedom and the love of democracy that has put the hearts of the Filipino in flame, thus the EDSA Revolution in 1986. When Pres. Cory assumed the Presidency, peace negotiation with MNLF started and eventually made way of asking Dimas Pundato, through Sen. Pimentel and then Ambassador Emmanuel Pelaez, who are both Mindanawon, to negotiate with Dimas Pundato to help the newly instituted democratic government. Without any condition, and with the support of the DND Sec FVR and USec Ermita, Pundato came back to Philippines with renewed hope to help alleviate the lives of the Moro people and bring peace especially in Mindanao.

In the last nine years under the previous administration, our country has somewhat lived in uncertainty, due to issues on corruption, bribery, election fraud and illegal dealings, all remnants of a pseudo-martial law, the prevalence untold violence and was capped by the infamous massacre in ARMM. With issues of corruption, cheating and warlordism, it has not only hurt our economy but the people’s sensibilities as well. Thus the people were awakened and we have won anew. Now, with PNoy in the reign and with the vision of establishing back good governance in the government, Dimas Pundato can serve as a historical connect of what PNoy's parents have hardly fought for, that is to re-establish democracy in our country.

Though coming from different faith, the Aquinos and the Pundatos share the same love for freedom and democracy. It is the same aspiration that the people of ARMM are still aspiring for. Thus, the people of ARMM deserves no less, but a man who is faithful and true in his undertakings, no taint of controversy and ill-giving in public service, one who understands by heart the divide of ARMM and Mindanao, and a honest intention to provide better life for his people. Dimas Pundato's simplicity in his lifestyle, his strong solidarity with the people, and his desire to selflessly serve the Filipino people, is a quality of leader that should be given to ARMM.

PNoy has just to consider the man, who is one of his kind. One who has the heart to work towards Matuwid na Daan unconditionally. As a Christian, we are taught that "There is no greater love than to give one's life for a friend". And I believe, it is the same spirit that Ninoy and Cory dedicated their lives for the democracy of our country which we now experience. It is the legacy of PNoy’s parents to us democracy-loving Filipinos and it is in such spirit that the Filipino people have manifested in putting a trusted leader back into the highest position of the land through PNoy. And I hope that it will be on the same spirit, that PNoy has to consider Dimas.

Knowing Dimas Pundato, I am humbled to hear from the man himself, his struggles in the field, the battles he had overcome, the sacrifices he had done, leaving his family behind, to pursue a greater call, which is to fight for freedom in pursuit for his love for democracy.

I am confident enough, that this prodding of the some Mindanaons- Christians, Moslems and the Lumads alike, to nominate Dimas Pundato to lead the transitional ARMM government even just for 21- months, will pave better governance structure to drive development in the most marginalized region in Mindanao.

We are asking PNoy, just for 21-months, consider Dimas Pundato and give ARMM the chance to have the leader they are worthy of.

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